tempurpedic flex reviews

The Tempurpedic reviews have shown, that this TEMPUR-Flex mattress combines all-new TEMPUR material and Dynamic Support™ Layer.  This hybrid mattress may ensure you unforgettable feel. Tempurpedic mattress reviews point that the mattress responds to your body movement in 3 times faster than other TEMPUR formulations. The mattress includes new TEMPUR-Response™ material. The top layer is plush and removable. It is easy to wash.  It provides stable support, pressure relief, and motion dispersal. The Tempurpedic reviews prove that a new Dynamic Support Layer consists of tightly packed precision coils. They give required to support and respond to your body’s movement.  The coils evenly distribute body weight. Tempur-Flex is adaptive and responsive with a cozy feel. Tempur Pedic mattress reviews show that this hybrid mattress ensures the comfort of memory foam and the support of coil springs. Working together, cool top layers and coil system, provide body contouring. Thanks to the cradling effect of foams, the mattress may provide a great comfort. As a result, you have a quiet night’s sleep.

In the 90’s, TEMPUR-Pedic introduced its patented foam mattress, which was once used only by NASA. Currently, this company is one of the most powerful top brand names in memory foam. The memory foam has a big advantage:  it hugs your body in a way that coils and padding cannot. It slightly repeats your body contours, providing a pressure relief. The new TEMPUR-Flex collection includes all the advantages for a proper sleep. TEMPUR material has a new, more comfortable dynamical feel.

Its rate is 4, 6 out of 5 stars.


  • Premium Fabric Cover
  • 6” Dynamic Support Layer
  • TEMPUR-Response material layer
  • Smart Climate System
  • EasyRefresh™ removable Top Cover:
  • Innovative precision coils that work great with the TEMPUR-Response material layer
  • 6.5 Comfort scale number
  • Lightweight, breathable fabric
  • Comfortable for side sleepers
  • Medium-soft comfort level
  • Provides pressure relief
  • 10-year warranty
  • Antimicrobial Treatment
  • The mattress is made in the USA
  • Comfort Layer
  • Response Layer
  • Antimicrobial Treatment


  • Not great for back and stomach sleepers
  • It may be uncomfortable for heavy sleepers

Tempurpedic Mattress Key Features

The new Tempur-Flex Supreme mattress has a plush TEMPUR® layer of material. It may greatly contour your body shape, supporting it throughout the night. Tempur-Flex Supreme’s medium feel has a number of benefits for mostly all sleeping positions.

TEMPUR-Pedic reviews offer six layers of mattress construction. Each layer provides comfort, bounce-back, support, and pressure relief. With the help of patent-pending dual zipper, EasyRefresh™ cover is a removable material. You may wash the cover and refresh it with a quick wash and dry. It is also soft and durable material. TEMPUR-Response™ material provides a new responsive fell. It supports your body and responds more quickly to your body movement, meeting your personal needs. What also reacts to your body movement is Dynamic Support™ Layer. It is a layer of innovative precision coils that very effectively works with TEMPUR-Response material. These coils, working with the memory foam, give a faster response. It means that when you want to move and change your body position at night, the coils and memory foam will soften your movement, without sinking feeling into a hole in your bed. The density level is quite good. It is important because it ensures your mattress with comfort, support, and the durability. Moreover, the great density level raises the life of the mattress. SmartClimate™ System provides a cool and comfortable sleep. The top of the cover pulls heat away from your body and gradually disperses it. So, you may sleep and feel the fresh touch of your bed. The Tempurpedic mattress reviews mention that memory foam and TEMPUR material provide more bounce-back and support. Antimicrobial Treatment ensures protection against micro-organisms including Dust Mites.

Tempurpedic Mattress Review

Tempurpedic Mattress Review

Tempurpedic Mattress Review

Top Cover:

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    EasyRefresh® Top Cover

    The top cover is made from smooth, flexible, premium fabric. EasyRefresh® Top Cover is a soft and durable material with wear-tested, dual zipper. It easily draws moisture away. The cover is removable, so you may zip it off or on when it is necessary. You may also wash it. A 360-degree zipper makes this process easier. The top cover fits into any standard-size washer or dryer. Comparing with previous models of mattresses, this one is more practical. If you have accidentally poured something on your mattress the surface will be stained. It will be hard to clean. Now you may only zip off the cover and wash it.

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    SmartClimate® System

    The SmartClimate two-layer innovative system, consisting of the outer cover (draws moisture away) and the inner layer (provides cooler sleep), ensures cooler and more comfortable sleep than standard memory foam mattresses.

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    Comfort Layer

    The Comfort Layer is made from extra-soft TEMPUR-ES® material. It gives your mattress plush and soft feel. This Comfort Layer is specially designed in order to ensure soft, adjusting feeling while being very supportive.

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    Response Layer

    Below the Comfort Layer is TEMPUR-Response foam. It provides the required body support, elastic feeling, bounce and distributes body weight evenly. it does not provide a sinking down into your bed.

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    Dynamic Support Layer

    The Dynamic Support Layer includes densely-placed precision coils, twice as many as a typical innerspring mattress has. Working with the Response Layer it ensures proper body support and spine alignment. These coils both with the supportive base layer push heat away from the mattress.

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    Base Layer

    It is designed to help dissipate warmth from the mattress and serves as a “base” for the TEMPUR® material. It also provides stable support for coils. It ensures you with a comfortable night’s sleep. Your partner may also appreciate the great spine support and motion relief. The bottom layer of this mattress provides body support. So the night sleep will be cozy, more comfortable and amazing.

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    Antimicrobial treatment

    It protects your mattress from microorganisms, including dust mites.

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    11, 5 inches.

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    10 Year Full Replacement Limited Warranty.

tempurpedic mattress reviews

How Does TEMPUR-Flex Mattress Compare to Other Brands?

Now you know more about this mattress. Compare this mattress with the similar one, belonging to the other brands. This information may help you in searching the most suitable mattress. Read and compare:

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    Zinus Hybrid Mattress

    This Zinus mattress has Fiber Quilted Cover, which ensures pleasant feel. Green Tea extract and Castor Natural Seed Oil naturally hold up the smell (odor) and bacteria. Green Tea Foam is environmentally-friendly material. In addition, it is CertiPUR-US® Certified.  Its main task is to provide a comfortable sleep and rest. Coil Spring system helps to provide a proper body support.

    It is suitable for back sleepers.

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    Brentwood Home Cypress Mattress

    Its inner construction includes 2.5-inches of gel memory foam that adjusts to your body and ensures pressure relief and proper back alignment. It helps to reduce tossing and turning, removes motion transfer and provides a cozy night’s sleepMoreover, its removable cover lined with natural New Zealand Wool absorbs moisture, prevents odors and regulates temperature. The foams are CertiPUR-US Certified. This mattress uses non-toxic flame retardants. The mattress is made in the USA. It has 25 Year Limited Warranty.

    It is recommended for back and stomach sleepers that occasionally sleep on their sides.

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    Serta Perfect Sleeper Mattress

    This Serta Perfect Sleeper Mattress is designed to solve 5 common sleep problems: back support and alignment, tossing and turning, a balanced temperature of sleep, partner movement, sagging. The mattress includes Cool Twist Gel Memory Foam and Individually Wrapped Coil Innerspring System.

    It is suitable for side sleepers.

tempurpedic mattress

Whom is this mattress suitable for?

It may be suitable for side-sleepers, some back and stomach sleepers too.

With its medium-soft comfort feel it supports all the curves of the body, does not cause muscle pain or back pain.

Heavy (plus-sized) people were complaining about the sinking and indentations, while lightweight sleepers considered the bed was too firm for them. It is difficult to find a TEMPUR-Pedic Flex Supreme review. It is a new item, but it seems to be a comfortable choice for average-sized sleepers.

Moreover, TEMPUR-Flex Supreme mattress may be a great option for couples who desire a mattress with a medium comfort. It achieves a good combination of softness and support that may work well for most sleepers. It contours the curves of the body and provides the firm support that is compulsory for a good night’s sleep.

Without taking into consideration personal preferences, the mattress’ combination of support and softness works very well for most sleeping positions.

Easy to Care

This Flex Supreme mattress is easy to care and to maintain. It doesn’t require any flipping or rotating. With a removable cover, you can easily wash it, dry, and zip it on or off. You should avoid using artificial heat because it can change the effectiveness of your mattress.

One of the Company’s advice for you is to “break it in.” It means that you should give this mattress a couple of weeks. Tempurpedic mattress reviews have proved that the mattress needs time to be fully “open”. Then it will be more effective for you and will great adjust to your body.


This mattress doesn’t have a sinking-in feeling as the other memory foam mattresses have. The TEMPUR-Pedic Flex Supreme could be the right choice for you if you want memory foam mattress with a proper back support. It supports your body better than an innerspring coil mattress.  It provides a great pressure relief. Thanks to the various layers it has a faster response time. A built-in SmartClimate System drives moisture, heat, and dampness away. In addition to this, it provides cool sleeping comfort.  SmartClimate System gives the cool feel that helps maintain a comfortable sleeping temperature and reduce sweating. TEMPUR-Response™ material ensures necessary body support, pressure relief, and equal motion dispersal. Dynamic Support Layer, which is made of tightly packed precision coils, is designed for an active reaction to your body movement. EasyRefresh™ Top Cover is removable, washable and replaceable. It may be always fresh and tidy, providing a cozy sleep surface.  It is not a typical memory foam mattress. It includes hybrid materials (coils) that ensure great support and comfort. The Tempurpedic mattress review points on the medium firmness level. This can be suitable for people sleeping in different positions. The Tempurpedic Flex Supreme Breeze is a hybrid mattress designed to provide a best-of-both-worlds feel.