Oliver smith organic cotton 12 Inch deluxe sleep plush euro pillow top cool memory foam and pocket spring mattress

Your bed is a part of the whole life. Spending a third of life sleeping, you should pay attention to your bed and its comfortability, softness, firmness, inner and outer conditions.

Nowadays more and more people suffer from back pain, which may lead to more complicated health troubles. With nighttime back pain, people can’t get the rest they need. It is so because they can’t get relief from their pain. Sleeping on the wrong mattress can cause lower back pain. Lack of proper body support from a mattress strengthens poor sleeping posture and does not help keep the spine in relax.  All these inconveniences cause low back pain. The mattress should be suitable to one’s individual preferences. Such mattress, which provides comfort and back support, helps to reduce or even avoid back pain, neck pain and a head ache allowing your body structure to relax and to rest during the night sleep. That is why you should pay much attention to your personal sleeping needs. If you wake up being exhausted and broken down, the first-term solution of changing your bed should be taken. And now, the other problem you may face with will be a suitable mattress. Why is it mattress? Because everyone knows that the heart of every bed is its convenient and high-quality mattress.

The Oliver Smith mattress is a premier luxury mattress. This is ideal for people with back issues. Oliver Smith company is well-known and widely spread all over the world.It has a big variety of different type mattresses. Mattresses include memory foam which supports your body. Memory foam automatically adjusts to your body weight and temperature, providing comfortable, soft and relaxing support. It lets your spine stay in a neutral easy position. That’s why you sleep may be not only comfortable but also healthy.

It has 4,8 out of 5 stars rate.


  • 100% natural organic cover;
  • ventilated non-toxic cooling memory foam;
  • independently  pocketed 15-gauge pocket coils;
  • euro pillow top which provides perfect softness;
  • 100% green certified foam;
  • 600 independently-encased coils;
  • reduces motion disturbance;
  • relieves any pressure points of the body;
  • mattress has a COMFORT PLUSH FEEL.


  • Sensitive to the temperature changes.

Key Features

Oliver Smith production is very famous and popular all over the world. Everyone knows and appreciates this company. Mattresses are full of comfort, softness, durability, style, beauty, and design.

Oliver Smith mattress has 100% organic cover, which is made of eco-tex cotton, supports a naturally optimized sleeping climate. This organic cover works wonderfully the mattress. Organic cotton is grown without synthetic chemicals ( like fertilizers or pesticides). It is not genetically modified it is eco-friendly fabric. Organic agriculture, reducing the overall impact of toxic chemicals from synthetic pesticides, protects people’s lives and health. Moreover, natural cotton is easy to care for.

One of the most valuable mattress’ feature is its 15 gauge pocket coils. These 600 tempered steel independently-encased coils will provide you with an extra comfort and support. Repeating each curve of your body, it may release your pain and pressure. These independently pocket coil springs are almost into the all high-quality mattresses.  Being individually enclosed by a special firm material, they may move independently, providing the maximum body support.   Moreover, such construction will help your mattress to serve for ages and prevent the coils from breaking down.

Having 20-year warranty this mattress may serve you with high-quality and stability.

Oliver smith organic cotton 12 Inch deluxe sleep plush euro pillow top cool memory foam and pocket spring mattress the corner

Item Reviewing

Top cover information


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    This mattress includes of 100% natural organic cover (organic cotton). “Organic” means that it was grown in accordance with strict environmental criteria without the use of pesticides in a controlled biological economy. Organic cotton cover is the most suitable for children and people with sensitive skin because it does not contain pesticides or heavy metals. That is why the risk of allergic reactions tends to zero.

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    Memory foam does not cause allergic reactions. It provides high durability, convenient and simple care. This memory foam mattress provides support and comfort. The main task of this ventilated cooling memory foam is to provide necessary comfort during rest and sleep. It is very important that the non-toxic foam is ventilated because it can change its temperature according to your body. As a result, it protects the body from overheating. Moreover, this memory effect mattress provides the maximum orthopedic effect.

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    Euro Pillow Top:

    The combination of Euro Top and Pillow Top provides much more comfort and extra softness for the mattress.

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    100% Green Foam Certified Foam:

    “Green” materials for mattresses. Green foam… What does it mean? Why is it so important for the mattress? Green foam mattresses, replace the petroleum-derived ingredients with plant-based alternatives. So, soy and castor beans, which are more friendly, are the sources for the inner construction of this mattress. It makes the mattress safer and less-toxic.

The support base

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    600 tempered steel independently-encased coils:

    This Oliver Smith pocket spring mattress, consisting of  600 tempered steel independently-encased coils, may give you extra comfort. 15-gauge pocket coils’ construction creates an equal weight distribution. This kind of construction prevents the coils from popping out. In addition, this firm material which wipes the coils may help your mattress to be in a good shape for a long period of time.  Both with ventilated cooling memory foam and 600 independently-encased coils, your spine may feel a big pleasure, comfort, and relaxation. So, you may feel very well and fresh.  Another advantage of the independently-encased coil structure is in its other function, which leads in  reducing motion disturbance and extending the life of the springs.

    With such mattress construction, which reduces motion disturbance, you may forget about neck ache, backache or a headache. This is the best variant for those, who often complain about back ache and suffers from different kind of head aches.

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    Color: White.

    Thickness: 12 inch.

    Weight: 3.5 lbs.

Oliver Smith - Organic Cotton - 12 Inch - Deluxe Sleep - Plush Euro Pillow Top - Cool Memory Foam & Pocket Spring Mattress

How Does Oliver Smith  Mattress Compare to Other Brands?

Now you know more about this Oliver Smith mattress. It is not only the world brand but also a high-quality production. Here is a short list of the other mattresses. Examine it, and evaluate how they stack up to the Oliver Smith mattress. Compare and choose the most suitable for you.

Signature Sleep Mattress

This mattress is a 12 inch thick, memory foam mattress from Signature Sleep. It has one 3.5″ top layer of comfortable memory foam, followed by an 8.5″ layer of high-density foam.

The Signature Sleep memory foam mattress is made with low VOC CertiPUR-US foam without lead and heavy metals. This mattress repeats body contours, minimizes pressure on the body. Make your sleep deeper, distributes body weight in a proper way. It is also flexible to your body position. The Memory Foam mattress includes a  breathable knit fabric.

This is ideal for people with back issues.

Zinus Mattress

This mattress is a 12 inch thick, memory foam mattress from Zinus.  This mattress includes of Green Tea memory foam, which provides a special comfort and support for your body and a better night’s sleep. Moreover, it has 3 inches Memory foam, 3.5 inches Airflow High-density Base Support Foam,2 inches Comfort Foam, 3.5 inches Airflow High-density Foam. Green Tea Extract and Castor Natural Seed Oil naturally retain odor and bacteria.

This is ideal for people with back issues.

Tuft & Needle Mattress

This mattress is a 10 inch thick, memory foam mattress from Tuft & Needle.

Built with adaptive T & N foam, this two-dimensional mattress provides an elastic and supportive shape, which is suitable for all sleeping positions and offers excellent pressure relief. So you will not bother your sleeping partner. Adaptive

T & N foam is cool, it’s just the right combination of “Not too soft, and not too hard”.

This is ideal for people with back issues.

James Walton Mattress

This mattress is a 10 inch thick, memory foam mattress from James Walton. It has 100% organic cover which allows your body to breathe without any inconveniences. This mattress includes of 15-gauge pocket coils. Such construction of 600 independently-encased coils creates an equal weight distribution. It helps to relieve pressure points along your body. Moreover, such independently located coils’ structure reduces motion disturbance. This mattress includes of ventilated non-toxic 100% Certified Green Foam, which provides you with appropriate body support and softness.  James Walton mattress has a COMFORT PLUSH FEEL, including Euro Pillow Top for additional softness.

This is ideal for people with back issues.

Oliver Smith - Organic Cotton - 12 Inch - Deluxe Sleep - Plush Euro Pillow Top - Cool Memory Foam & Pocket Spring Mattress


So, this Oliver Smith’s memory foam mattress may provide you with comfort, body support and relax. It keeps your spine in a neutral and comfortable position, providing the maximum orthopedic effect.

This mattress is a product with increased comfort, which will help you to take care of your health. Thanks to the block of 600 independently-encased coils, which are enclosed in separate covers, the mattress creates an equal weight distribution. Cool memory foam reduces motion disturbance, so you may sleep as you want and wake up with perfect feeling.  Euro Pillow Top, which is the combination of  Euro Top and Pillow Top, provides you with comfort and softness. When you are sleeping on this Oliver Smith mattress, your body is covered and hug with tenderness from the head to the feet. Each part of you may feel excitement and joy.

The memory foam mattress is a high-tech product with almost perfect properties, which are designed to provide maximum comfort and a healthy sleep for you. It takes the optimal for the person form, completely repeating the shapes of the body. The mattress remembers this form, providing the most optimal orthopedic effect. That is why it is so important for those, who suffer from back aches. They always provide the optimal conditions for a healthy sleep. This is the best solution for people undergoing a recovery period after surgery, or suffering from musculoskeletal system diseases. Moreover, it is a universal choice for any build and age people. The Oliver Smith mattress is a premier luxury mattress.

This is ideal for people with back issues. You may be sure that this mattress can support your spine properly. Its combination of  Euro Top and Pillow Top may easily provide you with comfort and softness. Laying on this mattress you may feel how it gently hugs your body, giving you necessary support and care.