Olee Sleep Box Top Hybrid Gel Infused Memory Foam Innerspring Mattress Review

Olee sleep box top hybrid gel infused memory foam innerspring mattress

The mattress is an indispensable item at everybody’s bedroom and many factors should be taken into consideration while selecting it as the mattress should serve for a long period of time staying in the perfect condition. The sample represented right here is one of the models that deserves your attention. All the detailed features are given below.


  • 3 variations to choose from;
  • Eco-friendly gel;
  • Very soft foam;
  • High density;
  • Neat stitching;
  • Not expensive.


  • There no color options.

The item weighs 94.4 pounds. The dimensions of this mattress are 80 x 60 x 13 inches in overall. It is available in Full, King and Queen sizes in order to meet everybody’s needs.

There is the 7.5-inch heat treated coil which is aimed to maintain the firmness of the mattress constantly. In addition, the item has the 1-inch I gel which is eco-friendly and it keeps your body at the proper temperature while you are sleeping. The mattress also includes the 1.5-inch soft memory foam which is capable of supporting and surrounding your body perfectly. It must be added that 2-inch foam which is marked by the high density is there to absorb and disperse your weight. The another layer is represented by the 2-inch poly jacquard fabric and hollow conjugated fiber. These materials are used for the perfect ventilation.

The mattress is innerspring and it is manufactured in order to satisfy the need for the exceeding contoured support all the time. There are the tempered steel independently-encased coils in the given model and due to this, you can feel a particular comfort while having a rest. One more benefit of these details is that the ideal elimination of motion disturbance. As a result, if your partner moves throughout the night, you will not even notice and feel that. The coils are protected by the multi HD and memory foam layers to last for many years like new.

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The item is very good indeed offering you the needed support and immense comfort all the time in spite you are just lying, napping or sleeping. The mattress keeps your spine in the good posture. Shortly saying, do not miss the chance to shop online for this cool product offered at the special rate and get the relaxation which you deserve.