Giantex Zero Gravity Electric Massage Chair Recliner PU Leather w/Controller Review

Giantex Zero gravity electric massage chair recliner PU leather w/controller

A comfy, massage chair is the must-have thing if you desire to feel relaxation and get rid of the annoying back pain. We have found the great sample of such a useful tool and we represent it for your convenience right below.


  • Remote control;
  • Built solidly;
  • Looks stylish;
  • Relatively compact dimensions;
  • Positions can be adjusted;
  • Reasonably priced.


  • Made in two colors only.

To start with, the overall dimensions of the given chair are 27.6″ in length ×48.4″ in width × 42.5″ in height. As you can see it is not cumbersome, but it is very compact as it may be shown in the picture. It is of the right size in order to bring the highest level of comfort sitting in it. The design is very well-crafted and ergonomic. Every little detail is perfect and performs its task well.

The materials used include the extremely durable and pleasant to touch PU and PVC leather. In addition, it is striking in look. The product is available in black and brown colors. Both of them look luxurious and there is no doubt that they can fit any desired interior. Shortly saying the finish is really excellent.

The construction is space-saving. This feature is very beneficial.

There is the high-quality sponge padding so you will not feel any discomfort while having the rest in this chair. It is very soft. Meanwhile, the attached steel base is marked by the super solidity.

The whole kit includes the massage chair and the remote controller. There is also the power plug and the helpful guidance. Still, the item is very simple in use.

The given product is multi-function. It has 8 vibrating motors. You may select among high and low vibrating settings. In details, the head rest pillow can be detached and there is also the angled backrest which can be adjusted in order to meet your needs. The product has the fantastic option for providing the divine muscle relax. No more tiredness or pain. The fully adjustable and innovative backrest can be reclined and leg rest in its turn can be outstretched as you wish so the best position could be gained.

Giantex Zero gravity electric massage chair recliner PU leather w/controller console


Hurry up to become the lucky owner of this magnificent device which is portable and aimed to make you happy relieving any neck, shoulders, back, legs pain instantly.