Casper Mattress

Casper Mattress is a high-quality memory foam mattress. It consists of 4-layer foam construction: 1.5″ of responsive poly foam, 1.5″ of memory foam, 1.5″ of poly foam 5.0″ of support poly foam. All these foams provide you with breathability, bounce, and support. With the help of convection and conduction, the mattress keeps you cool at night and pulls heat out of. The foams that are used in the mattress are Certi-Pur certified. It means that they are free of ozone-depleting chemicals, and meet regulated low emissions standards. Casper mattress combines latex-like foam with memory foam. The cover is stretchy, cozy, breathable, and has a soft texture. The mattress has a medium feel. It has 6.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale.

The Casper Company was incorporated in 2013 and is based in New York. Currently, it has various shops located in New York City, Toronto, and Los Angeles. Casper Sleep Inc. is engaged in the production and selling mattresses, sheets, foundation support for mattresses, dog mattresses, waterproof mattresses, and pillows.

One of its products is a Casper Mattress. It has a number of advantages. If you want to be acquainted with its key features, know more about inner construction and be sure that the mattress is suitable for you or not, read the information below.

Its rate is 4, 3 out of 5.


  • 4-layer foam  construction for support
  • Memory foam and a  springy top layer, providing a desirable body comfort
  • Keeps you cool all night
  • Heat control
  • The foams are Certi-Pur certified


  • It may be uncomfortable for heavy (obese) people

Casper Mattress Key Features

This Casper Mattress includes numerous beneficial features:

1. Provides Cool Sleep

If you are a hot sleeper, live in a warm climate or suffer from heat retention this mattress may be very helpful for you.  With the help of polyfoam, which is placed over the memory foam, your mattress will not heat. Instead of this Casper mattress will pull the heat away. It is very necessary for a good night of sleep.

2. Friendly Customer Policies

The free trial and return policies are very important key features that help to try this mattress. In addition, it alleviates the online shopping.

3. Zipper

With the help of zipper, you may take off the mattress cover and wash it. It is very comfortable and practical, so your mattress cover may be always in a good condition with a freshly pleasant smell.

4. Motion Transfer

It provides good motion isolation. It has a good resilience that is why it is very comfortable for couples who are worried about being disturbed by their partner’s movements during the night’s sleep. Now, you and your partner will have a comfortable sleep.

5. Works with a Standard Foundations

Don’t worry about the foundation for this mattress. It may be a standard and an adjustable bed base. You may even place it on the floor. Even if you have already bought a box spring, you may use it too. If it will be uncomfortable for you, place a Bunkie board between the mattress and box spring. In addition, bed metal frame, wooden slatted or platform bed bases are suitable too. All you need is to be sure that it performs a much support for your mattress.

6. A Slight Smell Will be Gone Within 48-72 hours

Firstly, your mattress will be accompanied with a slight smell (like any other foam mattress). But do not worry. It is normal. All you need is just to let it air out. Within 48-72 hours the odor (smell) will be completely disappeared.

7. It Provides a Quiet Sleep

Because the memory foam is not placed on the top the mattress, you will not sleep hot. Most people have not any problems with sleeping hot.

8. Casper Mattress Is Certi-PUR certified.

It means that the mattress is eco-friendly. There are not toxic or other harmful dangerous for health chemicals. Its inner construction is safe for health.

9. Soft Hug

Casper reviews have shown, that its 4 inner layers, including of 1.5″ poly foam, 1.5″ memory foam, 1.5″ polyfoam and 5 inches of polyfoam provide a soft hug for your body. The body contouring depends on your weight. Sinking into the memory foam layer provides deeper contouring feeling than the latex mattress. But it quickly restores its shape due to the upper latex layer.

10. 100-Night Trial

At the day you receive the mattress, the 100-night trial process starts. It is a part of Casper’s return policy. If the mattress seems to be uncomfortable and you decide to give it back, you should contact the folks at Casper.
Casper Sleep Memory Foam Mattress - 10 Year Warranty

Casper Mattress Review

Top cover:

The top cover of the Casper mattress is a stretchable white fabric that covers the mattress’ surface from one edge to another. It is quite breathable. It has a soft touch, so, you will take pleasure in comfortable sleep and relax of this Casper mattress.

Comfort Layers:

Casper Mattress’ comfort layers consist of 4 various layers.

The first Layer

The first layer consists of 1.5″ of polyfoam.  It ensures you with a cool feel and fresh night’s sleep.

Second Layer

The second layer has 1.5″ of memory foam. It has a density of 4.0 pounds per cubic foot. Being placed below the poly foam, this memory foam is protected from potential heat retention.

Third Layer

Support foam is the third mattress’ layer, including 1.5″ of polyfoam. Its density is 2.5 PCF. This layer helps people to go from the comfort layers to the support layer more smoothly.

The Bottom Layer

The bottom layer includes 5 inches of poly foam with a 1.8 lb. density.  This is rather standard base foam that you may observe in many other bed-in-a-box mattresses.

Additional info:

If you need strong edge support, use an innerspring mattress.


Casper offers a 10-year limited warranty

Casper Sleep Memory Foam Mattress

How does this Casper Mattress Compare to the Other Brands?

In order to make your purchase easier and provide you with additional information, the short list of similar items is prepared for you. Of course, there is some difference in their inner construction. That is why you may read the information below and compare this item with the similar mattresses from the other brands:

  • Feather

    Cocoon by Sealy Chill Mattress

    This mattress includes a stretch-knit cover. It is infused with a licensed “Phase Change Material”. This material main function is to absorb and disperse heat, providing a fresh, cool and cozy top surface. Perfect Fit Memory Foam is characterized by the body contouring feature that ensures comfortable sleep position. Essential Support Foam offers the necessary body support. Personalized Comfort Soft Foam layer provides a quiet sleep and relax.

    It is suitable for side sleepers.

  • Feather

    Amerisleep Revere Mattress

    This mattress provides a 12″ profile medium-firm support. It consists of 3″ Bio-Pur™ cooling memory foam layer and 7″ Bio-Core™ sag-free support layer. Celliant®-infused cover ensures you will fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. It includes patented VPF technology. The mattress is made in the USA.

    It is suitable for back and stomach sleepers.

  • Feather

    Sleep Innovations Alden Mattress

    The mattress ensures desirable luxurious hugging comfort for your body. Its comfort top layer consists of 2.5” SureTemp Memory Foam. The middle part of the mattress is infused with 2.5” Air Channel Foam. The support system is based on 9” Deep Support Foam.   Its medium-soft feel softens pressure on the shoulders, knees, and hips, offering a necessary body support and alignment. It has 20-year limited

    It is ideal for side sleepers; suitable for the average body weight.

Casper Memory Foam Mattress

Whom Is This Casper Mattress Suitable For?

Taking into consideration personal preference, each mattress has its own recommendations for use. Casper mattress is suitable for side and back sleepers. Side Sleepers

For lightweight people, the mattress may be firm. Heavy (obese) people can punch the comfort layers and press on the stronger layers under them. It may lead to the think that the mattress is too hard. That is why it is the most suitable for side sleepers of medium weight.

Stomach Sleepers

This mattress does well with the natural curves of your body, so it is a good option for stomach sleepers too.

In addition, if you want some resilience you may also try this mattress. Casper reviews have shown that the mattress may satisfy individual needs, especial those who need to relieve pressure but you do not like the slow sensation or just memory foam. Moreover, if you are searching for a mattress that will offer the benefits of both latex and memory foam, this Casper mattress may satisfy your needs.

Work Well for Back Sleepers

The Casper mattress may be comfortable for back sleepers, providing more natural spine alignment. It copes well with your body curves and is a little more durable in general. It provides necessary support for hips and shoulders.

How to Care for Your Mattress?

A good night’s sleep begins with a good bed.  That is why the beds and mattresses deserve proper care. They will give a clean and healthy place to sleep. Casper recommends noting the following advice in order to avoid spills, stains and other damage:

  • To avoid spills and other accidents use a waterproof mattress protector
  • If you have an accident spot clean the cover of the damaged mattress’ area as quickly as possible
  • Try to air out your mattress in order to vacuum unpleasant smell off


This mattress is designed in order to create a contouring feel for sleepers by combining poly foam with memory foam. It will not make you sleep hot as the other memory foam mattresses do. It is not as resilient as a pure latex mattress, but it is fairly stable. Being placed below the top layer of poly foam, the memory foam does not provide a hot sleep. Instead of this, maintaining the support and body contouring from memory foam, you get also cooling and the valuable benefits of poly foam. That is why memory foam absorbs heat and creates a necessary body support and pressure relief. The 4 layer mattress design ensures that the layers work quite well together. The mattress performs a good pressure relief, without the sinking feeling. The mattress may be suitable for people of all body types.