Merax Pu Leather Adjustable Floor Sofa Bed Lounge Sofa Bed Floor Lazy Man Couch with Pollows Review

Merax Pu Leather adjustable floor sofa bed lounge sofa bed floor lazy man couch with pollows

Eager to renew the interior and looking for the great piece of furniture? Or want to get some new sofa because the old one does not suit all your needs anymore? In any case, the sample we are going to represent you right now is something unreal being versatile and striking in look. Learn more below.


  • Stylish design
  • Great size
  • Can be used in the different ways
  • Expert assembly is offered as well for your better convenience
  • Priced very reasonably


  • There are one size and one color

Let’s start with the fact that the product is quite light in weight being of 38.6 pounds. So it is not difficult to move it. And there are no legs. Indeed this is beneficial as there will be no any scratches on the floor. Regarding the exact dimensions. They are the following 87 x 7 x 43 inches.

You should agree that the sofa is super multifunctional since it can be used as a chair, bed, and lounge. It is possible and very comfortable, by the way, to have a rest, sleep, just lay, read or watch films on it etc. The great advantage is in that there are 5 diverse positions. They can be adjusted easily and quickly.

It must be pointed that the construction is very sturdy in its position as it has the metal frame which in its turn is surrounded by foam padding.

The product is well-crafted up to the tiniest detail. The list of the impressive features does not come to the end. The product includes two pillows in the kit. They are free of charge. The material used is PU leather which is durable and pleasant to touch. And you do not need any cover to protect the sofa from possible damages. One more benefit is that it is very easy to clean this piece of furniture. And the leather allows not to worry when you having some drinks sitting on this sofa. Even if something leaks then it is can be wiped over and that is all that is required. There will be no stains. It is so practical, does not it?

The sofa is well-padded and offers the premium comfort for your relaxation.

Merax Pu Leather adjustable floor sofa bed lounge sofa bed floor lazy man couch with pollows unfolded


We highly recommend not to miss this special deal. Your guests and you will definitely enjoy the outstanding quality of this marvelous sofa.